Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to PPN Top50 topsite.

A topsite is where you add your website to our list, insert our HTML code to your site, and watch your site's traffic grow!

Effective. Quick. Simple. Free.

Adding your site to this topsite also increases Google PankRank as it appears on our topsite server, and as the Google Bot picks it up, adding yet another link to/from your site, the higher you get in Google!

How Does It Work?
Glad you asked, because it's so easy to explain. You join, and you get given a HTML code to place on your site and forum. The more visitors you get on your site, the higher on the list you get here, giveng you more traffic!

How can I add my website to the PPNTop50 Topsite List?
Click the "Join" link located at the top of the list and follow the instructions to register your website. After the signup is complete your site will be assigned a unique ID and Password for member area access.

Why when I enter HTML tags in the signup form, they do not appear as HTML?
The script automatically filters any HTML tags that are inserted in the signup and update forms. This is done for security reasons to make sure that no one will mess up the PPN Top50 Top Sites List by inserting malicious HTML or JavaScript code.

My website information has changed, how can update my information on the PPN Top50 Top Sites List?
Use the "Control Panel" link at the top of the list to log in to members user control panel area. If you logged in successfully, Member Control Panel is displayed and your site profile is shown. Enter the new information in the text boxes and click the "Update Profile" button to update your website information. The updated information will be shown on the PPNTop50 Top Sites List with the next pageload.

Oh @*&@!* I lost my code!
Simple. Log in with the User "Control Panel" on the top navigation, and retrieve your code :) It should also be in the e-mail we sent you when you signed up.

Can I place the ranking code in my forum signature?
NO. PPN Top50 doesn't allow forums sigs or other abusive usage of our ranking code. You must only place the ranking code on your web pages.

I have added my site but it is not showing. Why?

  • Your site may be in a queue awaiting approval to the PPNTop50 Topsite List.
  • When your site has been approved it can take up to 30 minutes to show.
  • Click refresh/renew on your browser.

My site was not accepted. Why?
It may have been turned down because it was placed in the wrong category. Return to the index page and look for another. If you cannot find one you may add it to the personal homepages or other sites category. A more specific category may be added for your subject at a later date. Sites are not turned down because of our personal taste. Many good sites are refused because they do not fit the requirements for the category. You may also be refused if you do not place the ranking code on your site,

Some refused sites are general homepages that may cover many subjects, spam-based, and/or link-farm sites, abusive sites, and others previously banned from the topsite list.

But my website is new, how will it benefit me?
If you place our button on your site as soon as you register, you have an advantage already. Slowly, your site will climb its way through the ranks if you leave the button there.

What does "in" and "out" mean.

  • "In" is the number of times that the link on your page back to us has been hit. This is currently disabled onPPNTop50 topsites. Please note that this total will not include multiple hits coming from the same source.
  • "Out" is the number of times that the link back to your site from topsites has been hit. This number does not affect the sites rank in the topsite.

Is there any other way of receiving more traffic?
Yes! There are options available. Firstly, you can purchase an advertisement for as low as $25.00/mo. For more information, email the Webmaster. You can use 'word-of-mouth' advertising, post your URL into your email and forum sigs, join a link-exchange site. Tell everyone your URL.

I need a button or othr Help!
Contact us for custom-made buttons. Let us custom-make it for you and install it all for an affordable price.. Ask any question(s) not covered above.