PPN Top50 Topsite - Terms of Service

You will be expected to follow these Terms of Service even if you have not taken the time to fully read them. Please take just one minute and have a look over. We're sure that when you're done reading them, there will be no reason why you cannot then submit your site.

    • All sites submitted are subject to review. We also reserve the right to remove any website that has already been posted.
    • Streaming, download and other illegal media provider type of sites are NOT ALLOWED. Links to UNOFFICIAL online anime, music, TV shows, movies, copyrighted video, and the like are not acceptable. Please go elseware with these kinds of sites.
    • Only family friendly sites are allowed. No porn, slander, hate, or discrimination. Additionally, any sites that have the sole purpose to "single out" anyone by the means of any type of "Wall of Shame" will not be posted here. This does not mean that if you have a lot of content on your site and a Wall of Shame is included in that content that you cannot submit your site here. 
    • The site that you submit must be owned and operated by you. Furthermore the content on your site must be yours and/or you have permission to use said content. Additionally, any content that is not that of your own must be given proper credit to the people/person/website it does belong to. Basically speaking, we don't want content stolen sites listed.
      • After we approve your site for listing on this topsite, you must place the vote/rank button on your site. We MUST be able to find our banner on your site without a scavenger hunt! Banner placement on your site may be verified after joining PPN Top50. If we don't find the vote banner we will remove your site listing. To ensure that your site listing is not removed, please place this banner promptly within (24) hrs of being approved for PPN Top 50 Topsite.
    • If at anytime you take down your website, transfer your name, or otherwise make the URL that you have submitted here not found, please update your listing information by logging in to the User Control Panel. You may also contact us to have your listing removed from our site at anytime.  
    • Spammers and scammers. Any spam site (i.e. sohbet) or scam (i.e. virus delivery, ID theft, password cracking, etc..) will be deleted without notice and banned from the service. There is no appeal and all decisions are final.
    • You are welcome to submit multiple sites to the PPN Top50 Topsite. However DO NOT list the same site in more than one category! You may use a unique/different username for each site you wish to add however, for ease of site management, we suggest keeping all your listed sites under one main user account
    • If after review of your site we find that the category you chose to not be proper placement, we reserve the right to move your listing to the correct category.
    • We reserve the right to add, change, modify or remove our terms of service or site at anytime without notification.
    • Subscribers and paid premium users must follow these terms, you are buying a premium listing with hit bonuses for each term you renew.
    • There are no exceptions regarding these terms and conditions..
    • There are no refunds on any of our services, no exceptions.
    • PPN Top50 Topsite DISCLAIMER

      PPN Top50 Topsite cannot be held responsible for the content on the sites in which we advertise. You browse our listings and follow links to these sites at your own discretion. It is up to you as visitor and/or consumer of the site you visit to perform your own investigation of the business. The relationship between the websites/companies listed and PPN Top50 is for the sole purpose of advertising. We never have and never will monitor content and/or claims made by such websites.

I will not lie, cheat or steal.

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