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International Pokédex, 70.000 Sprites, etc.!

Pokencyclopedia.info Unique In: 41 Unique Out: 106 Vote

One of the best pokemon sites from the Pokeweb: News, Tips, Full game Solutions, Streaming Episodes, a community, etc...

PokeTerra - News Pokemon - Pokemon Sun and Moon - Pokemon ROSA Unique In: 25 Unique Out: 70 Vote

Un piccolo sito che si e' dato molto da fare, news aggiornate costantemente, molto divertimento e tanto svago!!!

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El mejor Blog de Pokémon acerca de Reseñas y Noticias.

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Find the latest Pokemon News! The site is constantly updated with new material like artwork, sprites, and much more!

Site Pokémon brasileiro com muitas informações e notícias. Surgiu em 2004, e desde então continua evoluindo junto com Pokémon!

Fundado em Maio de 2009, reestruturado e recuperado ao longo dos anos! O objetivo principal é a recolha de informações sobre Pokémon em PT-PT.

Um site de Pokémon, ideal para fãs como tu! Com episódios, jogos, filmes e muito mais tudo em PT-PT!



Pokémon Unova GX, 1 ano trazendo qualidade e informações para você!



O Seu Planeta Pokemon, Trazendo as Informações com Qualidade para Vocês !



One of the BIGGEST Polish Forums Pokemon. Here you'll find everything you're looking for - Roms / episodes / Movies, interesting discussions. In addition, pleasant atmosphere (xD).



We boast a comprehensive database of every Pokémon from the original Blue and Red version all the way to Black and White and beyond! The Pokémon Index currently offers a complete Pokédex with evolution chains, move lists, and much, much more in a sleek



Pokemon Network è un forum dove troverete tutte le ultime novità del mondo Pokemon, dei videogiochi e degli anime, e un avanzato GDR.



Jedna z największych stron o Pokemon w Polsce



As Melhores Fanfics Pokémon!!!



Lo mejor de Pokémon guias historia rubi zafiro esmeralda rojo fuego verde hoja colosseum pokemon xd tempestad oscura diamante perla nintendo ds gameboy advance gamecube nintendo 64 kanto johto hoenn pikachu!



Há dois anos trazendo conteúdo com qualidade.



BerryDex, strategy, stats, natures, effort values, formulas, mechanics, diamond/pearl... all you need to become an expert is here. Latest news of Pokemon as well. Spanish Site.



Big Pokemon Site with everyday news, Forum and Oekaki, big download and much more stuff!. You can change between 3 desings. Choose this which you like and enjoy our stuff!! Good English version soon! We weren't...



Poke-Amph has information on all Pokemon games, trading cards, and anime.



The champion of the pokemon world.



a german pokemonside with lots of pictures and downloadstuff.



The New Generation of Pokémon Encyclopedia (for italian fans)



Sitio web de Pokémon donde encontrarás las últimas noticias de Pokémon, así como los análisis y guías de todos los juegos de Pokémon existentes. Contamos también con toda la información del animé Pokémon, la serie y las películas. Últimas no



In Kanto We Trust. Come here to discuss all things pokemon, interact with other users, and get some new pokemon news.



Pokémon Branco e Preto em rmvb Download, Pokémon Black 2 e White 2 Download, Cheats Pokémon Black 2 e White 2, Detonado Pokémon Black e White, Detonado Pokémon Black 2 e White 2.



Site mais atualizado! Notícias sobre tudo o que envolve o mundo Pokémon!Downloads e Muito mais!



A new Pokemon RPG where YOU choose your destiny! Join Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, or just become Pokemon League Champion!



Gran página pokémon. Con chat,eventos y mucha información pokémon!



Kemon Rolka - it's new pokemon role-play game. We have 5 original regions, ranger region, fake pokemons region. On our game you can be trainer, coordinator, ranger, and play as pokemon too!



For years, the best Polish site about Pokémon



Site Brasileiro de Pokémon, surgiu em 2011, com muitas notícias, atualizações e novidades sobre o anime. .: Pokémon Relic, Sempre Evoluindo :.



Aqui pokemon vem em 1º lugar!



Best Wishes! começa apenas com Ash Ketchum, dirigiu-se para uma nova região com seu Pikachu. Bem como antes, sua companheira anterior, Dawn, deixou a série, e Ash vai agora viajar Isshu com uma menina com o nome de Íris. Ao contrário das três série



Pokemon news, information, pictures, and so much more!



A Spanish Pokémon Website that are growing, Official website of the "Pokémon GoldenSky" and "Pokémon SilverySea"



Virtuadopt is an adoptable site, allowing to adopt you your own Pokemon egg. Display it anywhere on the Internet, and well... just hatch it! Then you gotta adopt 'em all!



Adopt a Pokeball for you myspace or website and watch as a the mystery Pokemon inside is revealed!



Generate up to 6 Pokemon in seconds! This tool allows you to create a random set of Pokemon based on your criteria such as Type, Region, and Stage of Evolution. Great for team building and finding that last Pokemon to complete your team.



Pokemon GTS is a thriving community that's been around since April 2007. Experience our PokeTrade, PokeLeague, PokePedia & PokeGear features! We have over 60,000 registered members, over 1.5 million posts & more than 100,000 threads!



Home to the Pokésav translations & updates, the latest news straight from Japan! The PokéStation Database is home to The Pokémon Database, this includes fifth generation!



A new Pokémon site! We're back from the dead with a whole lot more info, updated every weekend. Walkthroughs, gallery, episode guide, info, media, chat and forum, as well as a growing Pokédex! Just come along and join the fun.



Sitio dedicado al videojuego y la serie de television Pokemon; que incluye noticias, informacion, imagenes, guias, juegos, tips y trucos



Free Pokemon artwork/sprites for you to view and use, as well as helpful guides to help you with your game and battles.



The first italian source for anime news, TFG info and descriptions, a nice graphic and much more!



Tudo e mais alguma coisa sobre Pokémon! Notícias, guias, curiosidades, giveaways, passatempos e muito mais!



The largest site and Cheats Games Pokemon Pokemon hacking courses that you've seen it all and more what it was waiting to access now.